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Strawberry Sorbet

Take the delicious strawberry to new heights by adding a little sugar and water. The end result is one of the simplest, yet refreshingly delicious desserts you'll ever make.If you don't have an ice cream machine simply add the strained puree to the freezer. Give it a whisk every half hour to create a smoother texture.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

This is a simple recipe for making pumpkin ice cream. You can buy half a Kent pumpkin for about a dollar at the supermarket and just boil it until soft. It doesn't take long but if you're in a hurry, you can buy pumpkin puree in a can which works fine. There are some cans of pumpkin which are used for pie filling that have other flavours added. Avoid this type and stick with pure pumpkin puree. Suggested add ins for your pumpkin ice creamCrumble up some gingerbread biscuits and scatter ...

Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Corn ice cream is really popular in Central and South America as well as many Asian countries like Philippines and Singapore. In Australia, however, I don't know anyone that has ever made this flavor. That's a shame because the flavor is delectable.Not only do you get to eat delicious ice cream, you also are getting some vegetables in your diet. There aren't a lot of desserts that can make that claim.With this recipe I used a creamy French vanilla base. For a lighter ice cream you ...