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Top 5 Spiced Ice Cream Recipes

Spice ice cream

Adding spices to ice cream doesn’t always seem appealing. At an ice cream shop you’re usually hit with a big selection of traditional flavours like chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, mint choc chip… you know the flavours I’m talking about. They offer these flavours for a reason – they taste great and they’re popular with the masses, especially kids.

But I know there are some of you who crave something a little different. It doesn’t have to be something as radical as lobster ice cream which I’ve seen in the US. I’m talking about adding some subtle flavours that pair beautifully with creamy dairy.

5 Ice Cream Recipes to Spice Up Your Life

Keep reading to find out what my favourite spiced ice cream recipes are. The secret is to not get carried away with the flavour. No-one wants to get hit in the face with a lavender flavour bomb. So take it easy on the quantities and be sure to taste test before churning your ice cream. But keep in mind that when ice cream is frozen the flavour won’t be quite as strong. When food is very cold the flavour is diminished.

1. Cinnamon


Cinnamon works very well in a lot of sweet desserts including, one of my favourites, pumpkin pie. It also imparts a sweet, woody flavour in ice cream that I really enjoy.

Cinnamon pairs with pears very well so feel free to add some roasted pear to your ice cream as it finishes churning.

Recipe link:

If you are feeling adventurous try this recipe that also includes turmeric: www.creamish.com.au/tumeric-and-cinnamon-ice-cream-recipe.

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2. Lavender


Technically speaking, this is a herb but I wanted to include it in this article. It’s a controversial flavour which a lot of people don’t enjoy a lot.

To be honest, lavender reminds me of my nana’s old house… or maybe it’s a cleaning product? Not sure which one but I know it never conjured up feelings of good food. Until now.

There are also plenty of chefs who love using lavender in their cooking. It was used in Masterchef Australia 2017 as an ice cream ingredient and that proved to be hugely successful: so it can be done. The secret is to keep it very subtle. Don’t over do it.

Recipe link:

Make a lavender ice cream using this recipe: www.creamish.com.au/lavender-ice-cream.

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 3. Vanilla Bean

vanilla beanI’m always amazed when people say they hate vanilla bean. It seems like one of those flavours everyone would love. Probably because it’s one of my favourites.

To make ice cream with vanilla bean, you simply scrape out the tiny dark brown seeds inside the pod. Infuse with your dairy base overnight to get a fuller flavour.

Recipe link:

Get a delicious vanilla bean recipe here: www.creamish.com.au/vanilla-ice-cream-recipe.

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4. Star Anise

star anise

This spice has a dominant liquorice aroma and is commonly found ground into a powder.

I recommend using the whole cloves of star anise. They can be bought from the spice section of most supermarkets.

You can easily just drop them into your ice cream as you’re creating your custard base. Then allow the anise to work its magic overnight before churning the ice cream the next day.

Recipe link:

Get a yummy spicy ice cream recipe which includes star anise here: www.creamish.com.au/5-spice-ice-cream.

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5. Chocolate

cacoa bean

Cacao is one of those flavours you don’t really think of as a spice, however, it is.

If you’re going to create a delicious ice cream then I can’t urge you strongly enough to try using a super premium organic chocolate. Do it at least once so you have a good point of reference for comparing to the cheap home brand option.

If you feeling creative, add some chilli during the heating phase of the recipe then strain out when you’re ready to churn. I promise you that chilli and chocolate are a very good combination.

Recipe link:

For a wonderful creamy chocolate ice cream consider this recipe: www.creamish.com.au/worlds-creamiest-chocolate-ice-cream.

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Bonus Spice Recipes

Here are a couple of extra spice ice cream recipes to get you started.



What’s your favourite spice used in ice cream?

Let me know in the comments box.


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