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6 Best Booze Ice Cream Recipes To Help You Party Through 2019

Deliciously tasty ice cream and sorbet recipes for New Years Eve 2019 and beyond.

I’d like you to imagine it’s 7pm on New Years Eve. You’ve just finished your 16th wine for the night and you’re starting to plateau. This is a concern, of course. There’s still 5 hours until midnight and you’re about to slump into the couch defeated.

The solution

There’s a simple solution which works a treat. Booze soaked desserts. The subtle combination of alcohol and sugar helps create desserts that are not only delicious, but also give you the kick you need to continue through until the early hours.

Special hint #1: add more alcohol than the recipe specifies for an extra fun party. Just don’t add too much or you’ll end up with a slushy (which may, or may not be bad?).

Special hint #2: add your sorbet to a cocktail to keep your drink cool.

Special hint #3: add beer ice cream to a wholesome pint of ale for an adult’s version of the spider.

The relationship between alcohol filled dessert v party animal level

booze ice cream consumption graph

All that’s required is a little forward planning. Pull together a few simple ingredients and make your desserts a day in advance. I recommend using an ice cream machine for most of these recipes but you can get away with just freezing them in the freezer if you don’t have one.

beer ice cream

Mmmm. Beer ice cream.

My favourite booze ice cream recipes

  1. Red wine sorbet: for the wine connoisseur.
  2. Rum and raisin ice cream: pack some nutritious dried fruit into your dessert.
  3. Zabaglione: Italian dessert I’m sure they’d eat in the heavens.
  4. Beer ice cream: for the lover of beer.
  5. Pina Colada: cocktail inspired dessert magic
  6. Aperol Granita: cool and refreshing without the bloating which some desserts cause.

Several minutes after consuming your dessert

Enjoy your celebrations and Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you have a fun filled 2019. Oh, and drink responsibly 😉

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