60 Ice Cream Recipes You Can Make At Home

Ice Cream RecipesMaking home made ice cream is a lot easier than you may think. Unlike the ingredients labels on supermarket bought ice cream tubs, home made ice cream recipes require very few ingredients to make the base. If you have cream, milk, sugar and some eggs you’re ready to go! You can even get by without using eggs with some of the recipes listed below, although, I suggest reading up on why eggs are used in ice cream.

There is one piece of equipment we strongly recommend, an ice cream maker. You can get by without one, but you’ll save a lot of time and hassle if you get a machine. Also, the end product will be a much creamier ice cream that tastes a lot like the gelato you can buy from those hugely popular gelato shops.

Mint Chilli Chocolate Chip Ice CreamWhat makes an ice cream taste good?

  • balanced in flavour
  • not too sweet
  • not too icy
  • scoopable

You can get really creative by trying out all sorts of exciting new flavours. The trick, is matching an appropriate ice cream base with the add-in flavours. The good news is, here at Creamish, I’ve done the hard work for you. This is a list of my best ice cream recipes that should keep you busy for months in the kitchen. You’ll be able to produce ice cream and sorbet that will make you very popular with friends and family.

Before you start making your first ice cream I’d urge you to check out my tips for making rockstar icecream. Alternatively, see what Martha has to say about making ice cream here.

Ice cream recipes you can make at home

Here is my list of 60 unbelievable good desserts. Enjoy.

Classic ice cream recipes

Lets start with a collection of ice cream recipes that will please even the fussiest eater. These flavours have stood the test of time and never seem to go out of fashion. Flavours like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla bean or mint choc chip. These are good options for families with kids as everyone loves a creamy chocolate or vanilla ice cream. That’s right, everyone.

#1 Strawberry Ice Cream

An amazing creamy recipe that uses one of earth’s great ingredients: strawberries. To bring out the best in your ice cream, use fresh, ripe strawberries dripping with juice and packed with flavour.

Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

#2 Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Add massive chunks of oreo cookies at the end of churning to create an ultra delicious ice cream.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Recipe

#3 Lemon Ice Cream

A lovely balance of sweet and sour make this recipe a winner. Use fresh lemons rather than the juice that comes in a bottle. This fruit is available almost all year around so there’s no excuse for not using fresh lemons.

Lemon Ice Cream Recipe

#4 Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

This one’s for the adults. Rum pairs beautifully with dairy products and the raisins finish off a great dessert. If you are making it for kids, consider using rum flavouring. However, the best option is good quality rum as it reduces the freezing point of the ice cream and results in a very creamy texture.

Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

#5 Peanut Butter and Pretzel Ice Cream

This flavour is offered by a big brand here in Australia. The problem is, pretzels don’t last particularly well in ice cream for months before you finally buy it from the store. This recipe offers you the yummy saltiness of the pretzels and the best part is, they’re lovely and fresh.

Peanut Butter and Pretzel Ice Cream

#6 Super Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream

If creamy is what you like, you’ll really like this. We removed the milk and went for all cream along with lots of egg yolks. It’s creamy, dense and very hard to stop eating!

World’s Creamiest Chocolate Ice Cream

#7 Ice Cream Sandwiches

I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t enjoy an ice cream sandwich. They’re popular with all ages and can range from very basic through to elaborate ice cream sandwiches using homemade biscuits that are crying out to be eaten.

Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

#8 Chocolate Ice Cream

We included two chocolate ice creams in our list. Let’s face it, thi flavour is pretty damn popular so two seemed appropriate. This is a less creamy alternative to the one listed above. Use a good quality cocoa without all the added sugar and extras. It really helps the flavour shine through.

Chocolate Ice Cream

#9 Mint Choc Chip ICe Cream

The secret to the ultimate mint choc chip ice cream is using fresh mint and a high quality dark chocolate. Get those ingredients right and you’ll have a mega tasty ice cream.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

#10 Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

The flavour profile of vanilla bean isn’t for everyone. But if you enjoy it, you need to make this ice cream. If you’re on a budget, consider using vanilla bean that comes in those grinder bottles. You twist the top like a pepper grinder and the vanilla flakes come out the bottom. They’re in most supermarkets in the baking section.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

#11 Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee lovers will rejoice at this ice cream made with coffee, dairy, and not much else. Use a quality coffee for a delicious final product.

Coffee Ice Cream

#12 Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Saltiness and sweetness are a match made in heaven when it comes to food pairing. This ice cream is very moreish! Avoid cheap salt like the plague here. A fleur de sel or himalayan pink salt will create a better tasting salted caramel.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

#13 Triple Chocolate ICe Cream

Ok, this is our final chocolate ice cream recipe. This one had to be included for the chocolate purist. You get a lovely dutch cocoa base along with white chocolate and ribbons of dark chocolate for good measure.

Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

#14 Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Peanut butter lovers rejoice! This recipe is so simple but it has to be tried if you enjoy ice cream and peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

#15 Philadelphia Ice Cream

This is my go-to recipe for a simple vanilla ice cream recipe. It doesn’t use eggs which means there’s no heating or tempering involved. You can simply whish a few ingredients and add to your ice cream machine.

Philadelphia Ice Cream

Fruit based ice cream recipes

For those of you feeling a little guilty about your ice cream intake, here’s the solution. Add fruit. Not only are you getting a nice dose of calcium from the dairy, you’re also getting vitamins, minerals and fibre from the lovely fresh fruit you’ve added.

#16 Mango Ice Cream

Mango is one of the best fruits ever invented. It makes for a refreshing, creamy ice cream. Mangoes can be expensive so make this recipe when there’s a glut of mangoes on the market and they’re practically giving them away.

Mango Ice Cream

#17 Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberries rule. See the above comment on mango ice cream and apply the same advice to this recipe.

Raspberry Ice Cream

#18 Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberries also rule. Throughout the year in Australia they seem to have nice little deals if you buy two punnets so make the most of these and get busy making this ice cream.

Blueberry Ice Cream

#19 Apple Crumble Ice Cream

The combo of apple, creamy ice cream and the chunks of crumble really do make for a classic dessert. I highly recommend trying this one.

Apple Crumble Ice Cream Recipe

#20 Vanilla Pear Ice Cream

This decadent recipe pairs the complex flavour profile of vanilla bean with roasted pear. Roasting fruit is a handy trick when making ice cream. The reason: it reduces the water content which should be avoided. Water turns to ice and no-one likes that in ice cream!

Vanilla Pear Ice Cream Recipe

#21 Banana Ice Cream

This fruit can be a divisive one but for all the banana fans, give this dessert recipe a try.

Banana Ice Cream

#22 Feijoa ICe Cream

Feijoas? What are they?! This little known fruit is a nutritional powerhouse that tastes sweet and tasty. The grow like weeds in some countries but in Australia not so much. Keep an eye out in the supermarket or green grocers for these small, oval dark green fruit and when the price is right, buy some. They make a really good ice cream or sorbet.

Feijoa Ice Cream

#23 Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Adventurous flavoured ice cream recipes

Ready to take your ice cream to a different place? This selection of ice cream recipes will help you do that. They may be uncommon flavours, but they’ll create a symphony in your mouth. Exciting combinations of ingredients that will surprise you at how good they taste. Your mind will say no, your palette will say give me more!

#24 Beer Ice Cream

Beer and ice cream are both pretty awesome on their own. Combine them and you have some kind of superfood that is very hard to eat in moderation.

Black Beer Ice Cream

#25 Chocolate Chilli Mezcal Ice Cream

Mezcal is similar to tequila and acts as an excellent stabiliser for your ice cream. The flavour accompanies the chocolate so well. Making the ice cream only requires a small amount of Mezcal. The remainder can be used for other fun activities, like Mezcal laybacks!

Chocolate Chilli Mezcal Ice Cream

#26 Chilli Mint Ice Cream

This is a strange combination because you initially get hit with the cooling sensation of mint. Give it a few seconds and the heat from the chilli starts to take control. Be warned, go easy on the chilli and choose a very mild variety. You don’t want the chilli to overpower the flavour profile.

Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate and Chilli

#27 Matcha Ice Cream

Another divisive flavour that some will loathe. Matcha powder provides a subtle, earthy flavour that is a good friend to ice cream. That is, if you enjoy matcha!

Matcha Ice Cream Recipe

#28 Kulfi

Kulfi is everywhere in India and I know why. It is a really refreshing, icy type of dessert on a stick. I made this one on a hot 40 degree Australian day and it went down a treat.

Cashew Kulfi Recipe

#29 Turmeric Ice Cream

Another wacky sounding flavour that will surprise you. Probably not one for the kids or those that don’t like turmeric. For the rest of us, it’s well worth a try.

Turmeric Ice Cream Recipe

#30 Lavender Ice Cream

I wasn’t a big fan of this ice cream. It reminded me of an old room in my nana’s old house. But lavender lovers will enjoy this. Just go easy on the lavender; a little goes a long way here.

Lavender Ice Cream Recipe

#31 Olive Oil Ice Cream

I have made many ice creams in my time. This was one of those shocks that makes your day. A subtle ice cream flavour which is actually very good. Use a good quality oil here as the quality of the oil has nowhere to hide.

Olive Oil Ice Cream

#32 Miso Caramel ICe Cream

The miso offers an element of saltiness which I think you’ll enjoy. It’s similar to salted caramel ice cream.

Miso Caramel Ice Cream

#33 Bacon Ice Cream

I created this recipe during the bacon fad that was going down a year or so back. One thing I am learning is that practically all salty add-ins go brilliantly in sweet ice cream. This is no exception.

Maple Bacon Ice Cream

#34 Five spice ice cream

Try saying the name of this ice cream 20 times. The kicker in this recipe is the sechuan spice which is mostly used in Chinese savoury dishes. Now there’s another use for it and this is the recipe below.

Sensational 5 Spice Ice Cream

Sorbet and Granita Recipes

Amazing in summer, these cool and refreshing sorbet and granita recipes are so good. A healthier alternative for kids than the store bought alternatives and a winning dessert at your next summer barbecue. Make use of all that fresh summer fruit and create your next dessert that’s really simple to make.

#35 Raspberry Sorbet

Like all the sorbet recipes listed here, they are super refreshing and really easy to make. Remember to follow the ingredient quantities closely as too much water, raspberries or sugar can really affect the texture. There’s nothing worse than hard over-icy sorbet.

Raspberry Sorbet Recipe

#36 Mango sorbet

Buy the mangoes in season when there cheap or it’ll cost you a small fortune to make. You can also choose frozen mangoes but the final product won’t be a tasty.

Mango Sorbet Recipe

#37 Plum sorbet

A dark and mysterious sorbet that seems to play second fiddle to other more popular sorbets like mango and lemon. Trust me, this sorbet should not be missed.

Plum Sorbet Recipe

#38 Watermelon Sorbet

Kids love a big hunk of watermelon in summer. For something different, make this watermelon sorbet that they’ll thank you for more than once. It’s so refreshing and you can pull it out next adults party you have and add it to vodka!

Watermelon Sorbet

#39 Lemon sorbet

A classic sorbet found in almost every gelato store in Australia. Very handy if you have some old lemons lying around the kitchen.

Lemon Sorbet

#40 Persimmon Sorbet

This is another fruit that isn’t hugely popular. It does make an okay sorbet though. I prefer the sorbet to eating the actual fruit.

Persimmon Sorbet

Vegan ice cream recipe

This list of vegan recipes is a bit underwhelming at this stage so a quick apology to all our vegan readers. We promise to add to this recipe list in the very near future. For now, have a try at making this chocolate ice cream is uber tasty, as well as a healthier alternative with less fat than the dairy alternative.

#41 Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

If you’ve made the choice to steer away from any animal related products then this is a good dessert you can make fast. Although it doesn’t quite offer the same creaminess as the dairy alternative, it still tasted pretty good.

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Savoury ice cream

What the? Savoury ice cream? Yes, there is such a thing. Our savoury ice cream recipes are tame compared to some. We have heard of lobster ice cream, garlic ice cream and even horsemeat ice cream which is made in Japan. These seem so wrong and we won’t be testing them out in the future. How does one even get hold of horse meat?

#42 Corn Ice Cream

Sounds bad. Tastes good. And who’s going to complain about getting some vegetables into their diet by consuming pudding.

Corn Ice Cream

#43 Pumpkin Ice Cream

A traditional ingredient for Autumn, or Fall if you’re in the US. Pumpkin is actually available in most places all year around and for a great price. It makes a superb pie, and ice cream is another dessert you can now add to the list.

Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe

#44 Coriander Ice Cream

People are quite divided on coriander. Some hate it but for all the rest of you, you’ll love this. The coriander pairs well with lime juice, but use it sparingly. I recommend slowly adding a dash of lime and testing before adding any more. You want to avoid a flavour that is dominated by sour lime juice.

Coriander and Lime Ice Cream

Even more ice cream recipes

These last ice cream recipes didn’t really fit into the above categories so we added them here. Enjoy!

#45 Honey Caramel Ice Cream

Caramel. Honey. What’s not to like about this recipe?

Honey Caramel Ice Cream

#46 Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

A classic heralding from New Zealand, this is a vanilla ice cream with honeycomb pieces in it.

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Recipe

#47 Popping Candy Ice Cream

Another one the kids will love. Simple yet perfect for your next kids party.

Popping Candy Ice Cream

#48 Vanilla Marshmallow Ice Cream

A sumptuous creamy ice cream chock full of marshmallows. Top this with chocolate sauce for maximum yumminess.

Marshmallow Ice Cream Recipe

#49 Goat Cheese and Honey Ice Cream

Goat cheese can be mighty expensive so don’t get the recipe wrong or you’ll be cursing me! If you give this a try, you’ll find the flavour of the goat cheese gives a nice change to cow milk and the honey tops off a beautiful ice cream.

Goat Cheese and Honey Ice Cream

#50 Lamington Ice Cream Bars

There’s fun written all over these. Lamingtons are so popular in Australia and New Zealand so I recreated them as an ice cream. Invest in good quality chocolate to melt down into liquid goodness.

Lamington Ice Cream Bars

#51 Blue Moon Ice Cream

Not so popular in Australia but more so in Asia and the USA I’ve been told. I wasn’t sold on this recipe so if anyone has a better one please share with me! I’m sure the colour would be popular with children though.

Blue Moon Ice Cream

#52 Maple Ice Cream

This is for all those Canadian readers to my website. Maple syrup is such a versatile ingredient and this is another great use for it. I’d eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I was allowed.

Maple Ice Cream

#53 Lindt Vanilla Ice Cream

A simple vanilla ice cream with chunks of Lindt chocolate. If you enjoy Lindt, you’ll appreciate this recipe.

Lindt Vanilla Ice Cream

#54 Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Cooking pecans in butter produces a really nice add-in for ice cream. If I made this recipe again, I’d chop the nuts up as they were too big.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

#55 Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

Creamy, sweet and guaranteed to please all that taste it.

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

Alcohol Based Ice Cream Recipes

#56 Red Wine Sorbet

Eat it as a sorbet or let it melt a little and have a wine slushie. Each bowl seems to get better and better and bett….

Red Wine Sorbet

#57 Pina Colada Sorbet

Just like the cocktail, only a little better.

Pina Colada Ice Cream (No Churn)

#58 Aperol and Grapefruit Granita

This is the only granita recipe I’ve included in this list so enjoy. When I last traveled to Sicily they’d eat granitas for breakfast which I thought was pretty awesome. Like sorbet, granitas are very simple to make.

Aperol and Grapefruit Granita

#59 Tempered Chocolate Recipe

So this isn’t strictly an ice cream recipe but chocolate is such a great accompaniment I wanted to include it. Tempered chocolate looks really cool on the dessert plate and it’s not too hard to make. Try it out next time you have guests and they’ll be impressed if you’ve done it right.

How To Make Tempered Chocolate For Ice Cream

#60 Berry Compote

Berry compotes work beautifully in ice cream so here’s a simple berry compote recipe which you can use for whatever fruit you have at your disposal.

Berry Compote for Ice Cream

Still haven’t found the perfect recipe in all these ice cream recipes? Visit our list of recipes and see what you can find. If you want us to create a new ice cream flavour that isn’t here please let us know; we love a good challenge.

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