Hello and welcome to my ice cream site!

Nate Teague

Nate at Lorne, VIC.

I’m Nate: a kiwi, enjoying life and creating ice cream recipes in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Back in 2015 I discovered the enjoyment that comes from making homemade ice cream for myself, friends and family. In truth, it was mostly for myself 😉 Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time working on improving my ice cream making skills and I add all my best stuff to this website.

I keep things simple and focus on the quality of the ingredients. Fresh milk and cream, strawberries, vanilla beans, organic cacao. Fresh, in season ingredients will take your ice cream from zero to hero.

When I’m not making ice cream, I’m providing cooking tips, hacks and recipes at cuisinevault. Check it out but make sure you come back here once you’re finished!

How to make ice cream the easy way

Most of the ice cream I make is with an ice cream machine so I recommend you get yourself one. You can get a cheap one from Cuisinart for around $100 and they are well worth the money.

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