Arkadia ice cream range

Arkadia Ice Cream Review

Arkadia ice cream range
Arkadia Ice Cream Review
Range of flavours
Ease of use
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The Good
Easy to make, even without an ice cream maker
Good range of flavours
The Bad
The ice cream texture is claggy
The product is expensive
Overall Score
The Verdict
The Arkadia range of ice cream mixes offer the home cook an easy way to make ice cream. There's a nice range of popular flavours including cookies and cream, vanilla bean and chocolate. Is the ice cream any good? I found the ice cream a little disappointing; mainly due to the gluggy texture which resulted from the stabilisers. I can see how this product could be appreciated by a time poor household. It's really convenient to mix the ice cream and then use the packaging the mix came in for the ice cream tub. I'd recommend you give the Arkadia range a try. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but I'm sure some will appreciate the convenience.

The ultimate Arkadia ice cream review: I test out this new range of ice cream mixes available in Woolworths (Australia).

When my box of Arkadia Make Fresh ice cream mixes arrived in the mail I was very excited. Ice cream mixes have been around since the beginning of time, but they aren’t common in the supermarkets. Mixes are generally used by ice cream parlours and manufacturers to make life easier. They simply add their dairy and any additional flavours – there’s no need to spend time creating the ice cream base.

As an ice cream enthusiast, I like the idea of making ice cream in only a few minutes with a mix. But flavour and texture are most important to me, so read on to find out how the Arkadia product holds up.

How to make Arkadia ice cream

The biggest benefit of these mixes are the ease of use. The steps are quick and simple.

  1. Add 300ml of milk and cream to a bowl
  2. Pour in the ice cream mix and whisk until combined.
  3. Add to an ice cream machine* and churn as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Freeze for 2 hours until hardened.

*If you don’t have an ice cream machine you can pour the mixture into the tub that the original mix came in. Add the lid and freeze. Every 30 minutes you can remove the ice cream from the freezer and mix it before returning to the freezer.

Steps to make Arkadia chocolate ice cream

Steps to make Arkadia ice cream

The Arkadia flavours I tested

1. Chocolate

A simple chocolate flavour that’s calling out to have yummy stuff added. I chose nuts and chocolate.

Arkadia Chocolate

Chocolate flavour

Rocky road

Add nuts and choc to make Rocky Road

2. Coconut and Dark Chocolate Flakes

I’m not a fan of coconut so this was never going to be a winner for me. The extra sachet of chocolate flakes are a nice bonus.

Arkadia Coconut

Coconut flavour


Coconut with nuts as a garnish

3. Cookies and Cream

A vanilla ice cream with an extra sachet of cookie pieces.

Arkadia Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream flavour

Cookies and cream

Chocolate sauce is a must

4. Vanilla Bean

I took the vanilla bean flavoured ice cream and added apple pie – a lovely combination.

Arkadia Vanilla Bean

Vanilla bean flavour

Apple Pie

You’ll do well to add apple pie

The results

Arkadia Make Fresh offers a range of ice cream mixes. The at-home user can add their fresh milk and cream, freeze, and then eat! The range offers a middle ground between buying ice cream in a tub and making ice cream from scratch.

Is the ice cream any good?

I was really excited to try this ice cream – it was something a little different.

I’m sad to say that the ice cream was disappointing. The texture wasn’t right. If you make it without using an ice cream maker it’s fairly icy. These results are backed up by this review. Using my ice cream maker improved the texture but there seemed to be guar gum over-kill. This resulted in a gluggy unpleasant texture.

Multiple tubs of ice cream were made and each time the results were similar.

You’ll find that adding extras like confectionery, choc chips, nuts and caramel will improve the ice cream. I found the chocolate ice cream quite enjoyable when it was filled with nuts and chocolate.

Arkadia ReviewFinal Thoughts

If you’ve got an ice cream maker lying around home that you never seem to use, maybe get yourself an Arkadia mix and make some ice cream. It’s definitely easy to make and you’re using fresh dairy ingredients which is a bonus.

Of course, you could simply follow this recipe which allows you to make amazing ice cream in the same time it takes to use one of these mixes. Prefer chocolate? Just add some cocoa.


The price of these mixes is another issue. It’s $6 plus you have to buy the milk and cream which puts the price closer to $8. For that price you can almost buy 2x 1L tubs of Woolworths vanilla bean ice cream; or a 1L tub of ice cream from other premium brands.

I’d be really interested to hear anyone else that’s tried this ice cream mix. Let me know in the comments below if you have.


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