Fig ice cream

Fig Ice Cream Recipe

Fully ripened figs are full of flavour and very sweet making them an excellent ingredient for ice cream. They’re also low in water content so they don’t mess with the texture of the ice cream. No icy tasting desserts here!

To make a really nice fig ice cream you can coat the figs in honey before roasting. Toss in a few sprigs of rosemary as they complement figs really well. You can toss a few of them in to the blender when you process the figs, or simply use them to add their delicious aroma to the figs.

Roasted figs

Figs drizzled in honey and roasted.


  • 500g fresh, ripe figs
  • 2 Tbsp liquid honey
  • 4 egg yolks
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 ½ cups milk
  • 1 1/2 cups cream


  1. Quarter the figs and remove their stems. Place on an oven tray and drizzle with honey. Roast on 180C for 30 minutes until softened.
  2. Add figs to a blender and process for a few seconds if you like some chunky texture in your ice cream. Process for longer if you prefer a smooth consistency. Place figs in a container once cooled and store in the fridge until needed.
  3. Whisk yolks and sugar in a medium bowl then set aside.
  4. Heat milk and cream in a large saucepan on medium high heat until simmering then remove from heat. Scoop out 1 cup of the milk and slowly pour into the yolks, whisking constantly as you pour. Once the milk has been added, pour the yolk mixture back into the saucepan and continue heating on a medium heat until it coats the back of a spoon. Don’t allow the liquid to boil.
  5. Pour the milk into an airtight container and chill for at least 2 hours.
  6. Whisk the figs into the milk mixture then pour into an ice cream maker. Churn as per manufacturer’s instructions.

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Fig Ice Cream Tip

If you enjoy a stronger tasting fig ice cream, consider adding a few fig leaves to the ice cream mixture and allowing it to sit in the fridge overnight before churning. The leaves impart extra flavour which is especially useful if you have figs that aren’t fully ripened and don’t have maximum flavour yet.

Fresh Figs in a bowl

Make fig ice cream when they’re in season.

If you’re going to use fresh figs then I recommend making this flavor when the fruit is in season. All fruit goes up in price in the off-season, but figs take this price increase to the extreme.

Good luck with this ice cream and feel free to share your creations by using our contact page or visit the Creamish Facebook page.

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