Fraisier Cake Recipe

I’ve been toying around with a lot of French patisserie recipes over the last month. It’s something that I’ve avoided in the past because a lot of the desserts seemed like a bit too much work. In saying that, I decided to give it a crack; I purchased a great book called¬†Patisserie : Master the Art of French Pastry and went to work. I had a go at about half the recipes in the book and some of the end products were so good.

Fraisier Cake Recipe

Originally I was planning on posting a recipe for this incredible cake. But it seemed that the recipe had a LOT of steps so it’s probably easier to get yourself a copy of this recipe book if you’re interested in making it. The book is filled with lots of handy hints and techniques that you’ll be able to apply to other areas of your cooking. For me, the chocolate tempering section has been fantastic for improving the final plating of my ice cream.

Here is the link to buy this French Pastry Cook Book. I have no affiliation with this author and receive no commissions for it.

This is one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted. The diplomat cream is so creamy and, when combined with genoise cake and strawberries, creates a winning dessert. It makes a fairly large cake that is very rich so make sure you have a special occasion lined up to share the cake. Otherwise you may end up like me having to eat it all yourself – that was hard work!


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