Lemon, Mango and Wine Homemade Sorbet Recipes

Trio of Homemade Sorbet For Summer

Homemade sorbet – the perfect summer refresher. They look so good and you’d be surprised how easy they are to make. All you need to do is choose your favourite summer fruit and turn it into the perfect frozen dessert. Actually, it doesn’t have to be fruit. For my trio of sorbets I created a mango sorbet, lemon sorbet and, wait for it…. wine sorbet! Once you’ve mastered these classics, you may want to have a crack at these not so common sorbet flavours.

lemon sorbet in a glass with a garnish on topLemon sorbet

Who doesn’t have a few lemons sitting in the fruit bowl that never end up getting used? That’s a tragedy. What should have happened it to add some sugar and water to the juice of these lemons. The end result is tangy lemon sorbet; a yummy mix of sweet and sour.

Use bottled lemon juice if you’re short on time. Just remember it won’t be as good as freshly squeezed juice.

mango sorbet in a glass with a garnish on topMango sorbet

Mangoes aren’t as readily available as lemons in most parts of the world. With this homemade sorbet you need to be selective about when to make it. That is, unless you’re happy to shell out the cash for expensive mangoes.

What I suggest is waiting for the end of summer. This is when there’s a glut of mangoes practically being given away. Go crazy and buy a whole tray or even more. Peel them, get rid of the stone, then add them in portion sized packs to your freezer so they’re ready to go any time. Don’t freeze all the mangoes though; keep some for making sweet, sweet tasting mango sorbet.

wine sorbet in a glass with a garnish on topRed wine sorbet

I don’t worry too much about the quality of the wine. An average bottle of red wine does a good job of making wine sorbet. Just avoid that really cheap wine that sells for a few dollars. It’s usually a bit too much like vinegar and tastes bad in sorbet.

I couldn’t pick a clear favourite with this trio of sorbets but what I will say is this – they¬†work very well with vodka, all of them. That’s right, sorbets aren’t just a great dessert, they also make a delicious slushie cocktail that stays cold. These recipes just keep on giving.

Here are the homemade sorbet recipes

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