Types of Cream Around the World

Every part of the world uses different cream terminology based on its fat content. It causes a lot of confusion – sometimes on this website. For example, here in Australia a popular type of cream is called “thickened cream”. This has a high fat content and is ideal for making ice cream. However, sometimes readers from other parts of the world think thickened cream means it needs to be beaten first. I can understand why they’d think that.

It’s time to clear this up.

I’ve whipped up a quick infographic (sorry for the bad pun) which shows cream terminology in Australia, Canada, UK and USA. Sorry to the countries I left off but I didn’t want things to get too confusing so I kept it simple.

I hope this helps.

Types of cream around the world

Cream terminology

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    Gerri September 10, 2018 (1:16 am)

    I’m disappointed you didn’t include New Zealand in your comparison.. They’re only across the ditch, but we kiwis can teach Aussie’s something about milk, cream and all things dairy!

    I’m lactose intolerant in Australia however it’s open season at home in Auckland… Even with the higher fats!

    Dig deeper and notice why the ice-creams are world’s apart! 😊😊

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